Just Misunderstood

Just Misunderstood

You're like the clouds when the Sun's on the other side of the Sphere.

Your irreplaceable contribution exists but others,

They miss the gifts that you bring near,

The layman is oblivious to see this magnificence,

Even if it screamed in their face for consideration

They are still naive.

To me you exist in the mist of darkness,

Brilliance arises with each new day,

A new chance for the sunrise to illuminate your presence,

Your passion is of eloquence,

At the right times you shine, you shine.

Oh, now it's too much,

Now you blind.

Those others under the same sky always take it the wrong way,

You become misrepresented.

I understand that you're a miracle,

You're precious, you're essential.

I know your layers are of strength, sanguine and goodness.

You save the ships that would have once collided,

Instead they say you are the storm that is vicious.

Like a whirl everything is amazing, violent, alas calm.

Your dominance I would surrender to,

Your base I would salute.

To me you are all would I appreciate,

You are just misunderstood.