Way too many questions...

I don't see the pupose asnwering these but here we go, I have like 15 minutes to waste.

Did you sleep today?
you mean after I woke up?

Last time you ate Mexican Food?
Poorbably couple weeks ago.

What will you be doing tomorrow?
Working, then hopefully I'll go out.

Who did you receive your last test message from?
Angie, thanking me for wishing her to get well soon.

Last movie you watched?
Can't remember. I watch way too many movies.

Do you like Chinese food?
yes, especially roasted duck.

What is your poison?
Vodka Redbull / Pepsi Cola

Last gift someone gave you?
Probably Ingrid (My sister in law), for new year eve.

At what age did you move out of the house?
17... I know it's a young age, but had to go to college.

Last concert you went to?
I guess, it was Madonna at Miami American Airlines Arena about 2 years ago.

What is something you are looking forward to?
Summer... I miss spending the all weekedn day at the beach...

Which of your friends do you hang out with the most?
I guess, I hang out with them equaliy. I used to hang out with Manolo and Umut before they got married / engaged.

Last time you went to a bar?
Last saturday nite.

Name a song you despise?
Any song by Ricky Martin... I think he can'T sing he can't compose... he just have the looks...

Football or Ice Hockey?
Football, when Pittsburg Steelers plays.

Do you have junk in the trunk?
What trunk? I don't have a car. or do I have a car with a trunk that I don'T know about it? Plus I don't need a car living at South Beach.

Who in this world loves you the most?
My family and friends in Istanbul.

Who do you think the sexiest person alive?
Kate Beckinsale

Have you ever had stitches? If so, where?
I had couple of them, couple on my right eye brow, couple on my left wrist.. Ok don'T any bad ideas, they were all accidents.

Has a bf/gf ever written you a poem?
Ofcourse, many...

Have you had sex in the rain?
why would you care about that?

Rap or Rock?
Depends what kind of rap or Rock but most probably Rock.

Do you believe in angels?
Yes I do... There are couple angels in my life that it's hard to belive that they are human.

When was the last time you were on a boat?
Our last boat trip with Miami friends, I guess it was June/July 2005

Love or Lust?
both... they feed eachother.. it's like the egg & chicken question...

Last time someone made you feel special?
Couple years ago... then it didn't work out...

Do you watch the TV show Lost?
Sometimes... it's ok...

What color is your car?
What car?

Do you vote?
Yes, in Turkey.

Who is your personality most like, your mom or your dad?
Neither... I always suprised them with my character.. they keep asking me how I got to be like this.

Most exotic place you've traveled?
hmmm... Been to many places but probably South West of Turkey is the most exotic one.

Last time you were at a bookstore?
Last week. I was looking for a book for my sister in law (Asli)

Last person to break your heart?
No need to name names.. ;-)

What color sheets are on your bed?
Blue and white stripes..

Name 5 items you use daily?
Coffee, Tooh brush and tootpaste, cigarettes, cell phone and most important my PC.